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Val Ledesma

"Change your attitude, change your life"

Evelio, aka Val, comes from a small Ohio town, but that hasn’t stopped him from dreaming big. His life as a coach began in 2011 when his quest to become a better version of himself evolved into a desire to help others.

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Markie Henderson

"Each one of us has a superpower"

Markie was born in Reno, NV but spent most of her childhood in Hawaii. After coming to Las Vegas she found her niche as an athlete, excelling in soccer, track, swimming and flag football. But it was an injury that brought her to finding yoga and becoming a coach.

Chris Hughes image

Chris Hughes

"People are capable of doing a lot more than they give themselves credit for"

Chris comes to us from New York, and brings 15 years of experience in personal training, weight training and prenatal fitness with him. Physically, Chris is a performance trainer; pushing people to achieve at their optimum level, regardless of age or fitness level. Mentally, Chris helps people accomplish things they never thought possible. He draws from his personal setbacks, and even tragedies, to encourage those just like you to move forward and improve their lives.

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Justin Vizakis

"Everything begins in the mind"

Justin hails from Boston as a combat veteran, licensed massage therapist, certified fitness trainer and nutrition and life coach. His coaching style foundation is psychological. He believes everything begins in the mind—from nutrition and training to reaching your goals in life.

Cheryl Alcantara image

Cheryl Alcantara

“You have to learn to bounce back”

Cheryl Alcantara comes to STRIVE with Janelle with a specialization in women’s fitness. As an American Council on Exercise (ACE) Certified Personal Trainer since 2014, she helps educate her clients on the importance of building and maintaining their bodies through strength, interval, circuit, core and team training.

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