About Us

STRIVE with Janelle was created to cross unchartered territory. Yes, there are plenty of health and wellness sites out there, but they are missing one very important aspect: they don’t start at the beginning.

Before you can drop and do 20 push-ups, or jump into a Zumba class, you have to understand what it means to simply start being active.

STRIVE with Janelle is for anyone who may have lost hope of regaining any kind of mobility, or having a better quality of life, physically and mentally. It was created to address and conquer the barriers we build for ourselves and knock them down piece by piece. We have the tools needed to empower you to make the changes you know are possible. The best part? We know it won’t happen in a day. We know there will be setbacks and missteps. STRIVE with Janelle is a safe place to bring your imperfections, and we will conquer and celebrate them together. One step at a time.

After All It’s About Making The Most of You
Our STRIVE Coaches are a vital part of this life-changing process. We are always looking to discover even more talented professionals who understand our goals and needs of our clients. If this sounds like you, we’d love to hear more! Talk To Us!