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Hi, I’m Janelle Brown.  When I began my own wellness journey 5 years ago, I had reached a point where I knew I had to make a change but I really didn’t know how.  I felt like I had too many barriers; physical, mental and otherwise to ever be able to make a real difference in my health. 

We are all works in progress, and I am no different.  However, once I took the first steps, I found that my life did change, but not in the expected way.  I regained a quality of life that I did not know I was missing.  I felt good enough to actively participate in my life instead of sitting on the sidelines.

I created Strive with Janelle, because I wanted to provide a community and resources that empowered others that found themselves in a similar place.  Our tag line #Make the Most of You signifies just that, an ability to regain that personal power.  Or maybe just taking back the power you didn’t know was yours to claim.

I hope to provide support and encouragement to help you achieve that.

Please visit often, read the blogs and even possibly join us in the membership section to become an active part of the community being developed.  As a certified health coach, health coaching is also available from someone who really gets it.  True health coaching isn’t telling you what to do and how to do it, but to offer support, accountability and a listening ear, to help you achieve your wellness goals – all new members receive a free 30-minute session with me.  Ongoing this service will be offered through our Strive Store. 

Join me and let’s #MakeTheMostOfYou