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Hi, I’m Janelle Brown. A few years ago I began a fitness journey that blessed me in so many ways. I had reached a critical point where I was tired of not feeling good. It occurred to me that a 42-year-old shouldn’t have to use their hands to push themselves up off the couch just to stand up. I wanted more. I started looking for resources, but couldn’t find any that spoke to me-someone who really had no fitness level and hadn’t exercised regularly for years. Even if I had been physically able to sign up for a class at the gym, I didn’t feel comfortable going into that environment. Luckily, I found mentors who really helped me, and that is what inspired me to create STRIVE with Janelle. I realized I could be the resource I had been looking for and that is what I hope to be for you! Look, I’m a work in progress. I gain weight, I lose weight, but I remain physically active because I discovered the amazing quality of life I didn’t know I was missing.

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